Cheetah Focus Tour



Cheetah Focus Tour

HESC houses a number of animal species including cheetah, African wild dog, lion, African wild cat, Ground hornbill, Sable antelope, to name just a few. Visitors can view the resident animals in close proximity, in a habitat simulating what they would experience in the wild. Guests are also afforded the opportunity of watching rare African vultures feeding at the Vulture Restaurant.

In addition to the standard tour, the cheetah focus tour also includes:

• A drive through the cheetah enclosure where the cheetah run takes place. This involves the cheetah chasing a lure (a piece of cloth pulled by a pulley system). Witnessing the fastest animal on the planet at full speed is a sight to behold.
• A drive through the wild dog enclosure where guests will watch the ’painted wolves’ while they feed.
• A trip to the Vulture Restaurant where guests will experience the vultures circling in a synchronised pattern, and descending out of the sky to feed off the remains on the ground

Price: Cheetah Focus Tour: € 43.50 pp (includes travel to venue)