Horse Riding-Four Hours (Experienced)

Kaapsehoop Horse Trails, Mbombela, Mpumalanga, South Africa


Enjoy Horse Riding either at Hazyview or Kaapse Hoop.

After arrival you will be introduced to your guide who will then introduce you to your new four legged friend. The guide will brief you on how to ride the horse and will also establish your experience level. The horses are “Boer Perde” and would be regarded as “ponies” in most countries. They are field horses and don’t stay in stables, thus have to be caught just before each trail ride. On the novice / beginner trails you would only ride the horse at walking pace, while enjoying the scenery. On the intermediate trails you would trot a bit and on the experienced trails, riders would do some cantering and go a bit of the beaten track. Although there are about 10 horses a maximum of 5 riders can ride at the same time.

Four hour rides are suitable for experienced and regular riders; between four to five riders for these trails are required.